Selected Works

Lock & Load: Armed Fiction explores guns as objects and metaphors in contemporary literary fiction
Broad River Review, honorable mention, Ron Rash prize
NDQ (North Dakota Quarterly)
Winner, Cville fiction prize
Museums strive for financial stability
Two Richmond, Va., Civil War museums merge.
Anthology of American Writing on Guns
The University of New Mexico Press, fall 2017: Lock & Load hits the mark.

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Caretaking the Culture

Art museums don’t respond in the usual way to the forces of supply and demand that underpin markets for most com- mercial goods. Though the market for buying and selling art functions just fine, museums aren’t in the business of selling art for profit: They show and preserve the art and educate the public, a money-losing proposition almost by definition. As such, the services provided by museums are often consid- ered public goods that may not adequately be produced by the for-profit sector.