Selected Works

Lock & Load: Armed Fiction explores guns as objects and metaphors in contemporary literary fiction
Broad River Review, honorable mention, Ron Rash prize
NDQ (North Dakota Quarterly)
Winner, Cville fiction prize
Museums strive for financial stability
Two Richmond, Va., Civil War museums merge.
Anthology of American Writing on Guns
The University of New Mexico Press, fall 2017: Lock & Load hits the mark.

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Short Story "In Transit"


The painter swigs. The bus sways. The beer spills, intensifying his smell. “Holy Jesus. Women can’t drive buses. You want I should get behind the wheel?” He winks at Iris and jerks his head toward the driver. “I got experience.”

Iris stares back at the seated painter and dirties her look, but the man’s unfazed by her evilest eye. She slips her wrist through a handhold, composes her face, and works the crowd with her lipsticked smile.

Everyone else looks like she guesses she must look, minus the magenta grin. Empty faces. Full feet. It’s soulless work anymore, trying to retail a smile.