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Teaching & Outreach

Take a class. Here's what student-colleagues say:

Very dedicated, accessible and knowledgeable instructor. BettyJoyce gave us a lot of useful tools. Content was useful for reading a variety of fiction and playing with many different prompts.


Great-approachable, widely read, useful feedback, very quick to answer emails and sent a lot of content between classes as well.


She had lots of examples, references, tips. Nice balance of reading and writing.


She's wonderful! Knowledgeable and supportive. No recommendations for improving—she's ideal!


Very well prepared.

WriterHouse, Charlottesville, VA

WriterHouse, Charlottesville, VA.: Firearms in Fiction, Effective Dialogue, Writing/Revising Short Fiction, Writing about Sex, the Writers' Lens, Short Story Masters.

Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail, Charlottesville, VA: essays, G.E.D., fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction.

The Peter Paul Development Center, the Church Hill neighborhood, Richmond, VA.: Poetry

Visual Arts Center of Richmond, Richmond, VA.: Fiction.

The University of Richmond, Richmond, VA: Feature writing.